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Founded: 2011

Founded by: Jacqueline and Kingsley Malcolm and Heather and Brian Carr


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Fundraising, Philanthropy, Service Trips


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February 20-27 2017

What We’re Doing

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Kingsley and Jacqueline Malcolm, along with Dr. Brian and Heather Carr established the Pay it Forward scholarship for Carthage Central High School seniors, in hopes of scholarship recipients making a difference in people’s lives.
“The goal is that we didn’t want to put (pay it forward) as a requirement,” Mr. Malcolm said. “We want people to move from their spirit.”

The Malcolms, the Carrs and members of the greater Carthage community have raised $8,000 since September. Mr. Malcolm said he would like the scholarship funds, which are being administered by the Northern New York Community Foundation, to surpass $10,000 the first year.

Mr. Malcolm said the scholarship concept has nothing to do with the 2000 movie, starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt. He’s never seen the movie, but has had his own pay-it-forward experience 20 years ago when he planned to attended the University of Kansas nursing program.

A co-worker had told him that if he got into nursing school, he would pay his first semester tuition.

“I started working harder, and he planted a little hope in me,” Mr. Malcolm said. “He pulled out his checkbook and wrote me a check for the first semester. I said, ‘how can I repay you’ and he said to do it for someone else. That’s where it started, the giving back.”

He later went on to get a masters degree in anesthesiology from Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia in 2009. He now works as a nurse anesthetist at Carthage Area Hospital, which is where he met orthopedic surgeon Dr. Carr.

Mrs. Carr said she and her husband had been looking for an opportunity to give back, and the Malcolm's idea came along at the perfect time. She said she hopes the impact from the scholarship is far reaching.

“Hopefully we can plant the seed early, so that they can do good things for people with no strings attached,” she said. “They can have this mind-set to always think of others.”

Mr. Malcolm said the first scholarships — at a minimum $1,000 — will be awarded in June. 

Applications must be submitted to the Carthage High School guidance office by April 1. The Malcolms and Carrs will select the recipients.

Mr. Malcolm said the group would like to host two or three fund-raising events throughout the year to help keep the scholarship funds replenished.

Northern New York Community Foundation Executive Director Rande S. Richardson said the agency was happy to administer the scholarship funds, to help a grass roots organization seek larger gifts.

Contributions to the scholarship fund can be made by making a check payable to Northern New York Community Foundation, with Pay it Forward Scholarship in the memo line, and mail it to NNYCF, 120 Washington St., Suite 400, Watertown, N.Y. 13601.

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